Thursday, March 11, 2010

Biologist Postdoc Fellow, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Biologist Postdoc Fellow

Job Title: Biologist Postdoc Fellow
Req Number: 24014
Division: Physical Biosciences

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This position will be part of the microbial fuels synthesis division of the Joint BioEnergy Institute (JBEI). The candidate will be involved in two sub-projects: (1) studying cellular transport systems (pumps, transporters) that increase fuel export and play a role in alleviating fuel toxicity in microbial production host, as well as address toxicity from compounds in plant biomass; and (2) survey gene expression data from microbial stress response studies for regulatory elements that can be used to develop regulatable promoters in microbes. The primary role of this postdoctoral position will be to create deletion and expression strains in both E. coli and S. cerevisiae and survey for improved stress tolerance and fuel production activity.

As a Biologist Postdoctoral Fellow you will have the opportunity to:
Obtain from strain banks, or create strains for series of transporters and efflux pumps, for a variety of fuel candidates and express in corresponding microbial hosts (E. coli or S. cerevisiae). Test resultant strains for effect on fuel production or alleviation of growth stress. Utilize existing library of transport pump strains to screen efficacy against a variety of metabolic and biomass compound targets. Improve library. Develop upon existing strategies to screen large numbers of target compounds. Develop methods to assay for increase in specific production of fuel. Survey microarray and other cell wide data available in the literature or acquired at JBEI for cellular response to toxic effects of fuel production of metabolic engineering stress. Use this data to predict regulatable transcription systems that can be used for creating regulatable promoters in metabolic engineering. Prepare manuscripts for publication and assist with the development of funding proposals and patents. Participate in group meetings and seminars. Maintain an accurate and detailed scientific logbook of all experiments performed. Ensure that others could duplicate results.

Responsible for periodic reports to the director of the project, participation in group meetings, training research assistants and assisting others in the lab who require guidance with gene manipulation studies

Key Success Factors:
Recent PH.D in Microbiology, Chemistry, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology or related areas. Expert knowledge in handling model microbes such as E. coli and S. cerevisiae including growth, culturing, transformation, gene manipulation, creation of expression systems and protein purification. Experience with working with microbial transport systems, efflux and transport pumps and microbial regulatory mechanisms and stress response. Ability to work with guidance of a director or principal investigator and collaborators and well as to conduct experiments independently, maintain appropriate records and manage data. Strong verbal and written communication skills with ability to write grant proposals and establish independent funding.

Experience with scientific journal writing submissions and ability to write above average reviews and articles for submission. Experience with handling different types of omics data such as that from Microarray analysis.

This is a one year full-time term appointment with the possibility of renewal under the same conditions contingent upon work availability and continued funding.

Preference will be given to applications submitted by February 27, 2010

To apply: Apply directly online and follow the instructions to complete the application process. As part of the online application process, please submit a single attachment that includes both your resume or CV and a statement of your research interests. Please be sure to reference where you found out about the position.


Berkeley Lab is an affirmative action/equal opportunity employer committed to the development of a diverse workforce.

Employer: Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Location: Berkeley, CA, United States
Expires: April 26, 2010

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