Thursday, March 18, 2010


UNIVERSITY PARAMADINA with full support from Indika Energy and MEDCO FOUNDATION provides 15 fellowships for JOURNALIST and LSM ACTIVIST to take on Paramadina S2 Graduate School, in the following areas: (1) Strategic Finance, (2) Islamic Business & Finance, (3) Diplomacy, (4) Political Communication, and (5) Corporate Communication.

Fellowship with a value of 40 to 65 million Rupiah per-student will cover the entire cost of college that was conducted over 3 semesters. Lectures, which are conducted in English and Indonesian (bilingual), held on campus Paramadina Postgraduate Schools, in The Energy Tower, Floor 22, SCBD, Jakarta, from Monday-Thursday, hours 19:00 to 21:00, so as not to interfere with career students.

For those interested to register through the REGULAR, tuition fees are as follows: (1) Strategic Finance - Rp 65 jt, (2) Islamic Business & Finance - Rp 40 jt, (3) Diplomacy - Rp 50 jt, (4) Political Communication -- Rp 45 jt, (5) Corporate Communication - Rp 45jt. There are various scholarship schemes for applicants who have high test scores.

Final registration through regular fellowship and is January 16, 2010, the first week of classes starting in February 2010.

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